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Getting a DNA Test in Tema, Ghana

Tema is a bustling port city of the Republic of Ghana, known for its industrial activity and vibrant cultural scene. There had been a consistently growing demand for confirmatory tests of relationships for peace of mind, immigration, etc. Therefore, the need for certified DNA Labs in Tema was dire, and here’s the good news. Now, you can get some of the best DNA Tests in Tema at reasonable prices at DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.

Types of DNA Tests You Can Get in Tema

You can get a DNA test in Tema based on your specific needs. For example:

Peace of Mind DNA Tests:

  • Paternity DNA Test – For father-child relationship confirmation.
  • Maternity DNA Test – To confirm the biological relationship between the alleged mother and child.
  • Paternity Trio Test – Paternity testing includes the mother’s participation for added accuracy requirements.
  • Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test (No Sex Determination) – Testing an unborn baby’s paternity using the mother’s blood sample.
  • Siblingship DNA Test – To confirm the relationship between full and half-siblings.
  • Grandparentage DNA Test – To confirm grandparents’ and grandchildren’s biological relationship; often done as an alternative to paternity testing.
  • Avuncular DNA Test – To establish biological relationships between uncles or aunts and nephews/nieces.

Specialized DNA Tests:

  • Immigration DNA Test – To confirm the biological relationship between the sponsor and visa applicant.
  • Ancestry DNA Test – To trace paternal lineage, maternal lineage, ancestral origin, and their migration routes.
  • Genetic Test for Health & Wellness – To predict the health level and assess the risk of inherited diseases.
  • Cell Line Authentication Test – To detect errors in biological experimentation.

Why DNA Forensics Laboratory (DFL) for a DNA Test in Tema?

Here’s what makes us ideal for a DNA Testing services:

  • Accreditations and expertise in peace of mind, immigration, and genetic testing services.
  • Strict protocols for ensuring the confidentiality of the customer and the DNA test.
  • Faster turnaround times for quicker report delivery.
  • Worldwide acceptance and recognition of our reports, such as by the embassies.
  • Easy local accessibility via home collection facility and availability of testing kits online.

Call us at +233 205911275 to learn more or book your test. You can also WhatsApp us at +91 9213177771.

Paternity DNA Test in Tema, Ghana

Maternity DNA Test in Tema, Ghana

Relationship DNA Test in Tema, Ghana

Immigration DNA Test in Tema, Ghana

DNA Test in Tema

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    Getting a DNA Test in Tema, Ghana
    DNA Test in Tema, Ghana
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