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Accredited DNA Testing In India and Why It is mandatory?

It’s more than three decades since the first DNA test was done by Sir Alec Jeffreys in 1989. The test was done for the investigation of a rape and murder case. Accredited DNA Testing is required in legal, institutional and medical matters.

A DNA test is useful in variety of modern day applications which includes

  • Relationship DNA tests
  • Immigration DNA tests
  • DNA Test for Organ Transplantation
  • Prediction of genetic diseases in unborn children and
  • Legal DNA tests for the court
  • DNA Test for Forensic investigation

DNA testing laboratories require various types of accreditations to ensure the authenticity of their DNA test reports and to fulfill the required guidelines of government, court and the embassies. Accreditations ensure fair, standardized testing practice and make sure that the testing facility is up to the industry standards.

Types of Accreditations

In India, NABL accreditation is required for DNA tests, like STR, YSTR, mito-chondrial STR analysis, etc.

In USA, AABB (American Association of Blood Banks), NATA for Australia, that is, the ‘National Association of Testing Authorities’, and for UK, the Ministry of Justice or MOJ are the main accreditations.

The ISO 17025/15189 certification is common quality standard which every DNA testing laboratory of every country has to have.

Legal Requirements

A legal DNA test has to be performed under proper chain-of-custody. The testing laboratory must follow the guidelines of the respective institutions for which the legal DNA test is being done and the laboratory must have the required accreditations.

Peace-of-mind DNA tests are the DNA tests which anyone can get done for their own knowledge and the peace of mind. These tests does not required a strict chain of custody, thus can not be used for legal purposes and are not defensible in court of law. Even if you are getting a DNA test done for your peace-of mind, you must go with accredited DNA testing labs as it ensures that you will get an authentic and accurate report.

Uses of Legal DNA Tests

Child Custody

In case of disputes among the parents of a child for their custody, a court can order for a DNA test. The DNA samples of the alleged parents and the child are collected in front of court or in supervision of a court assigned officer and they assure all the documents are presented and the chain of custody is maintained. The laboratory sends back the report to the judge to maintain discretion and confidentiality.

Property Dispute

Often property-disputes lead to liberal fraudulent activities including manipulations of the documents.

For identification of the rightful successor, a DNA test is sufficient to confirm the genetic relationship between him or her, and the parent(s).
In case the person is an adopted child, then the documents of adoption is required for the inheritance of the property.

If false documents such as a will or adoption document, or any other documents are produced, or the original ones are tampered, then a forensic document verification is required.
DNA Forensics Laboratory also provides court-admissible document verification services.

DNA Test For Organ Transplant

As per the THOA Act 2014, it is mandatory to have the DNA test between a living donor and the organ recipient.The transplantation center or the hospital is bound by law, to get a DNA test done between the donor and recipient to ensure biological relationship.For this, the institution can use an NABL accredited laboratory, and the laboratory provides ‘Form-5’ to the competent authority to get the approval for organ transplant.Over the past years, there have been a number of human organ scams in India. People forged fake identification documents, for buying organs from professional donors.To protect the surgeons and the hospitals from these incidents, and completely filter out such cases, a DNA test is the only way, as the DNA of a person can not be forged.

Immigration DNA Tests

There are two scenarios in which a DNA test will be useful in immigration. First, when someone is representing his or her case for a dependent-visa, they can include DNA test reportsalong with other documents to establish biological relationship with the petitioner. It adds extra weightage to the case, and increases the chances of approval.

In the second scenario, an immigration officer, or an embassy may order for a DNA test, in casethe documents submitted by someone are not satisfactory. For immigration to different countries, the DNA testing laboratory must have the following accreditations:

  • For USA – AABB (American Association of Blood Banks)
  • For UK – MOJ (Ministry of Justice, UK)
  • For Australia – NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities)

DNA Test In India

There are a few private laboratories, which are providing accredited DNA tests. DNA Forensics Laboratory, New Delhi, is one of them.

Most of the private DNA testing companies don’t have their own DNA testing laboratories. These companies find cheaper labs outside India for the sample processing. This not only complicates the process, but also delays the reporting and results in a bitter customer experience.

Our DNA testing laboratory, at Delhi, has the right equipments, technology, process, and qualified scientists, which make us the only laboratory to deliver same day and next day test reports. The usual time taken by a laboratory to provide the test report is four to five days.

Our lab undergoes Proficiency Test, every six months, which makes us highly reliable DNA testing company in India. Our testing lab is NABL accredited and the only NABL certified private DNA testing lab in India, doing legal DNA tests for the court.

We have a dedicated and experienced team for the customer support. You can get all the information related to a DNA test by talking to them. Our team will help you choose the right test for your need. With more than 400 collection centers, we are reaching even to the remotest parts of the India. We are also having our associate laboratories-cum-collection centers in other countries, where you can visit to give your DNA sample for the test.

Accredited DNA testing is mandatory for the overall transparency and legal acceptance of the test reports.
We, at DFL, are giving our services to the courts, law-enforcement agencies, various embassies, and prestigious hospitals. We also offer home-collection kits, which one can order to collect their own sample, without needing any expert’s help.

With accuracy, authenticity, and reliability, we are among the number-one DNA Testing company in India.

For more information or questions, call us at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp on +91 9213177771

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