DNA Test for IVF Baby

A real life story of IVF mix-ups – “Good Newwz” and how DNA test can help?

You must be aware of rising concern among people regarding IVF or in-vitro-fertilization procedure for infertility. IVF procedure is gaining popularity among people these days. The procedure is so common that it has become an interesting subject for the movies. Recently, a movie named “Good Newwz” was released in which it was mentioned that how […]

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ivf baby complications

What Things to Keep in Mind to Avoid IVF Baby Complications?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is highly advanced procedure for infertility. Couples struggling to conceive naturally may opt for these treatments to achieve parenthood. IVF has proven effective over the time, and has helped countless people. IVF is also safe. It allows thousands of people to have their baby naturally. However, there can be certain risks or […]

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